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Welcome to where you can play roulette online for fun and free of charge. Not only can you play internet roulette but you can find general information about roulette and about roulette systems. Find out what online roulette is all about and where to play roulette for real money.

Roulette is one of the most popular and simple casino games. Places your bets, let the roulette wheel spin and see if you win. Its simplicity is its beauty. There are some roulette variants.  The main ones are the single zero European roulette, the double zero American roulette and French roulette with the extra side bets as well as some niche roulette games you can only play online.

Beginners and Experts all have the same expected payout. In the short and medium term, the expert player will have more of a chance of winning than a novice but in the long term, all but the luckiest players will lose. You cannot beat a negative expectation game by clever staking strategies in the long run. The house edge will eventually catch up with you. This is true of all casino games. Check out the roulette odds and payout section to see what the rewards playing roulette can bring.

Don't be fooled by any roulette system. They are almost certain to be scams. If you knew how to beat roulette, would you tell anyone else for $99 or some arbitrary amount? Of course not. Check out the article on to see that, over 10000 spins you are more likely to get 10 reds in a row than not. All roulette systems are doomed in the long run but fortunately for us, in the long run were are all dead.