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Live Online Roulette


Live roulette is relatively new to the world of online gaming.  When internet access was mainly dial up it didn't make sense to stream the video of a roulette wheel.  A random number generator (RNG) with a java or flash frontend was a much more efficient use of bandwidth.  With ubiquitous high speed internet access, live roulette has become common place with most casinos offering it.

As with RNG roulette, live roulette casinos use the the technology from a smaller number of providers and merely brand the front end.  So for example, William Hill and Victor Chandler use the same technology, whereas Bet365 use a different live roulette wheel.  Some, such as Dublin Bet use a real live casino whereas most just use a dedicated wheel in a studio.

Advantages of live roulette

There are many people that do not trust RNG roulette.  They assume that as its all done in a black box, the casino must be cheating them when they lose, or there is a flaw in the software.  These same people, will gladly accept the RNG roulette if they win but as soon as they lose, they say its rigged.  Live roulette solves this problem as its a physical wheel.

Can the live roulette wheel online be rigged though?  Well, theoretically, it can be but it would be very difficult to make this profitable.  Any bias in the wheel would be picked up upon so people would just bet on the numbers which come out more frequently.  The technology provider has a vested interest making the wheel as fair as possible.

The other main advantage of live roulette for players is that sign up bonuses contribute to the sign up bonus of the casino.  Many online casinos do not count RNG roulette to the wagering requirement of any casino bonuses or count it at a much lower rate.  With live roulette 100% of the wager counts towards the bonus turnover requirement.

Live roulette, is also slower than RNG roulette.  This is an advantage as you will lose less the slower you play.  Obviously, if you are winning, this may seem as a disadvantage but most people do lose at roulette.

Live roulette, depending on the platform allow you to socialise while playing roulette.  Many will allow you to talk to the croupiers and other players.  This is not possible on most computer generated roulette tables.

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